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We provide our customers with innovative and efficient solutions regarding their current project. Not only do we use the latest technology but also we create a plan to reduce the time required to finish to the bare minimum while also maintaining the high quality and transparency of the code.

Our Services

Mobile Apps

Android and IOS mobile applications created accroding to the Client's project. We adjust the functionalities and appearance to the nature of the project, budget, business assumptions and the type of end user.

WWW Websites

Modern websites with a convenient CMS for content management, but also more advanced web applications with extensive functionalities. Online payments, maps and location, chatting and many others are no problem for us!


Cooperation on the basis of participation in projects and team support by our mobile, web and backend developers. We are currently involved in both Polish and foreign projects that depend on body leasing.

Project Valuation

We believe in conducting a meticulous analysis to accurately assess the value of your project. Our approach involves developing functionalities that align perfectly with your specific needs. We understand the importance of working within your budget constraints.

Project Development

We're eager to provide support for ongoing projects. Our approach involves conducting a comprehensive and meticulous analysis of all project aspects before commencing any work. This attention to detail and thorough assessment is aimed at optimizing your project.


In addition to our core services, we offer comprehensive hosting solutions tailored to your project's needs. This includes tasks such as deploying your project to a server, assisting with domain acquisition, and utilizing advanced services like AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Main Technologies




Java Script


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